The Fisheries Research Institute (1989-2005)


Institute for Sustainable Development

University of Iceland


Fishing and fisheries play a key role in the economy of Iceland. This fact is reflected in the number of research programmes and projects conducted at the University of Iceland (, relating to marine biology and oceanography, fishing and fisheries engineering and technology, safety at sea, fisheries economy and management, international laws and conventions, and the sociology of  fishing communities both on land and at sea.

The Fisheries Research Institute ( was established in 1989.  Its main objectives were to instigate, promote and co-ordinate research, teaching, publishing and other activities concerning fisheries, aqua-culture and related fields at the University of Iceland.  The Institute has adopted an interdisciplinary approach and collaborated closely with scientists, the industry, as well as official and nongovernmental institutions nationally and internationally.

From 1995-2005 The Fisheries Research Institute co-ordinated a post-graduate study programme in Fisheries, which has now evolved into a new line of studies in Environmental and Natural resource studies.